How To Check Someone Is Using WordPress or Not?

How To Check Someone Is Using WordPress or Not?

Identifying a WordPress website is very easy task. You can identify manually or using online service. To check WordPress manually, try to login wp admin area by typing If the link works, you are confirmed that website is built using WordPress. If website owner have already changed the login URL, you will get 404 error when you checking a WordPress manually. You can check a WordPress website using online service as well. You can get WordPress theme information as well as all plugin information that used on that website.

To check a WordPress website online, visit IsItWP or WhatWPThemeIsThat. Anyone from these two websites will assist you getting WordPress related information. IsItWP will tell you a website is using WordPress or not. But WhatWPThemeIsThat will disclose all plugin information as well. Follow the video tutorial to learn everything from scratch.

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