What Is Drupal?

What Is Drupal – Why Drupal Is Best Content Management System

Drupal is a Web Content Management System that is being used in multiple government website, education institute website and organization website. Drupal helps people to maintain their website without any web coding knowledge and most importantly Drupal is user-friendly. Drupal is flexible and easy to maintain for its nice user interface.

Most of the professional web developers and business leaders using Drupal for its high security, flexibility, and reliability. Heavyweight features and fast loading capacity make this platform more popular. Drupal is open source web development platform and millions of Drupal developer pushing this forward. Drupal is easy to maintain, both for developer and user with non-technical knowledge.

A Strong community is making this platform great and more people are joining in this community. In Drupal forum, you can get the solution of any Drupal related problem within few minutes. Whenever a new version of Drupal arrives, and people start posting their problem, a strong support team and expert Drupal user participate in the discussion in Drupal community, and thus Drupal is best content management system all over the world.

The name Drupal comes from Dutch word “Druppel” that means water or droplet. Founder Dries Buytaert was checking the domain name “dorp” and he thought “Drupal” sounds better than “dorp” or “Druppel”. So he fixed the domain name Drupal.

Features of Drupal Content Management System

  • Drupal is mobile friendly Content Management System, not only for mobile, this is perfect on any device
  • Drupal is apps connected CMS that makes your content strong and easy findable
  • Security system of Drupal is strong and powerful
  • Customization system of Drupal is easy and powerful. Anyone can manage content in Drupal; even they do not have good web management knowledge.
  • Amazing content architecture and typography that helps you decorating your website conveniently
  • Convenient multisite facility adds extra advantage in managing multiple websites
  • Multi-language support helps you creating website with different languages

These are some mentionable feature of Drupal CMS (Content Management System ). Visiting Drupal website will help you know more about Drupal. But understand these basic things about is important as well.

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  1. […] Developing a website using Content Management System ( CMS ) always adds extra advantage for both – Web Developer and Website User. The developer gets some feature already developed, and the user gets the friendly environment to manage the website without any programming knowledge. In this post, I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Drupal CMS. Before you read this post, you must know what is Drupal CMS? […]

  2. Protecting students’ and faculty’s personal information, communications and academic records is of utmost importance. Websites created using Drupal are pretty much the toughest to hack. That’s why Drupal is relied on by so many higher education institutions and also government departments, even the White House.

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